Leader: Willy Wint

Deputy: Eva Veronesi

T3.1 Dissemination within the COST-Action network & to scientific external audience

Leader; Jolyon Medlock

Deputy: Hans-Peter Feurher

Deputy: Angeliki Martinou

T3.2a Surveillance and control guidelines

Leader: Angeliki Martinou

Deputy: Eva Veronesi

Deputy: Frédéric Jourdain

T3.2b Mapping and modelling outputs

Leader: Willy Wint

Deputy: Sophie VanWamBecke


Work Group 3 participants:

Name Category/Position Work in
Youmna M'ghirbi COST Near Neighbour Country Tunisia
Olivier Briet Expert/Invited Speaker Sweden
Hans-Peter Fuehrer MC Member Austria
Angeliki Martinou MC Member Cyprus
Frederic Simard MC Member France
Fouad Akad MC Member Israel
Igor Pajovic MC Member Montenegro
Marieta Braks MC Member Netherlands
Anders Lindström MC Member Sweden
Eva Veronesi MC Member Switzerland
Filiz Gunay MC Member Turkey
Jolyon Medlock MC Member United Kingdom
William Wint MC Member United Kingdom
Almedina Zuko MC Substitute Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vladimir Ivovic MC member Slovenia
Arsen Manucharyan Other (e.g. observer, etc) Armenia
Zarema Obradovic Other (e.g. observer, etc) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Claire Durot Other (e.g. observer, etc) France
Stefanos Andreadis Other (e.g. observer, etc) Greece
Disa Eklöf Other (e.g. observer, etc) Sweden
Frederic Jourdain WG Member [WG3] France
Silvia Venturini WG Member [WG3] Italy
Imre Lendak WG Member [WG3] Serbia
Alexander Neil WG Member [WG3] United Kingdom